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NewswireToday – /newswire/ – Middleton, WI, United States, 03/17/2008 – Company’s New Web Site Offers a Modern Design and Comprehensive Information on its Solutions and Services.

Network Engineering Technologies, Inc. (NET), a consultant and integrator of IT infrastructures nationwide, is pleased to announce the launch of its new web site on the heels of its 15-year anniversary. NET’s new web site is part of a modernization effort that is being made across multiple communications platforms.

“We’re committed to providing a web site that is not only user-friendly, but provides a depth and breadth of knowledge of our services that our previous site did not,” explained Gary Czubak, NET’s Executive Vice President and General Manager. “Our rebranding efforts include updating and modernizing our current website and collateral pieces to create a cohesive presentation of our broad technology management capabilities.”

NET partnered with Madison, WI based Clotho Business Solutions to design and deploy the web site in under 2 months. Clotho was able to provide NET with a fully functioning, custom content management system that gives NET the flexibility and scalability that was desired. “We wanted a web site that could grow and evolve with our business,” stated Mr. Czubak. “We have created the framework that communicates our capabilities and represents our methodology used to deliver best-in-class project management and network infrastructure services and solutions. From the feedback we have received thus far from our clientele, we believe we are achieving our immediate objectives.”

About Network Engineering Technologies (NET)

Network Engineering Technologies (, founded in 1993, is a leading, turnkey consultant and integrator of scalable network infrastructure services and support. Offering complete end-to-end solutions from dedicated project management, equipment installation, testing and 24/7/365 service, NET is the partner of choice for Fortune 1000 enterprises in the retail, financial and hospitality industries.

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Today it is exactly three years ago since PHP 5 has been released. In those three years it has seen many improvements over PHP 4. PHP 5 is fast, stable & production-ready and as PHP 6 is on the way, PHP 4 will be discontinued.

The PHP development team hereby announces that support for PHP 4 will continue until the end of this year only. After 2007-12-31 there will be no more releases of PHP 4.4. We will continue to make critical security fixes available on a case-by-case basis until 2008-08-08. Please use the rest of this year to make your application suitable to run on PHP 5.

For documentation on migration for PHP 4 to PHP 5, we would like to point you to our migration guide. There is additional information available in the PHP 5.0 to PHP 5.1 and PHP 5.1 to PHP 5.2 migration guides as well.

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Today i found an interesting article for linux like people… talking about TUX (the linux mascot). How many of you knows that name came from (T)orvalds (U)ni(X) ? Hehe.
This article will make a little light about the beginning and evolution of linux mascot/logo and also… the Linus Torvalds e-mail related to that contest of choosing linux logo.
here’s some quotes from that article:

Penguin as logo/mascot for Linux was discussed first in early 1996 by several people in the linux-kernel mailing list. The idea of such mascot came from Alan Cox first. Among many other suggestions made by different people there were parodies of other operating system logos, sharks or even eagles. You can find them here. Some of them:

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We want to share our memories with you… Random Access Memories to be precise.

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