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It is another way of enhancing your blog revenue. That article it’s really well made, and also the whole blog ( should be an “must read” for bloggers, using WordPress or another one.


Sponsored Reviews In Depth

When submitting a new blog you have to make sure it conforms to the Sponsored Reviews minimal requirements.

Requirements and Important Information:

* Your blog must contain at least 10 posts with 200 words of unique content each.
* Your blog must not be completely automated or appear to be created solely for search engine traffic.
* Your blog must have at least a 3:1 ratio of non-paid to paid content.
* You must complete all accepted reviews within 7 days, or your account will be suspended.
* Foreign Language blogs (non-english) must clearly state in the title which language the blog is written in. i.e. “Jose’s Blog – Spanish”. You must also state (in the description) whether you will write the review in English or another language.
* Blogs with very little traffic and/or links, may be rejected .

They are looking for real blogs, not made for Adsense sites. Blogs that have subscribers
Blogs are not automatically approved, there is a manual check done on each site, and that might take a day or so (at least it did for me though that was during beta)

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