Web promoting in Romania

Yeah, here i intend to keep an updated thread, with some sites that can aid you on promoting yourself over the internet.  There’s lot of method for doing that: using payed services, or throwing yourself in the directories, there’s lot of them.

An advice, before starting to promote yourself, be sure you have prepared a well made site description, and also all standard banners, because visual promotion it’s all that matter. Then, get your target. What visitors do you want? Make a short case analys and then proceed. It’s useless to just put you all over the place, the big points you get when you reach the expected target. People that join on your site, and also.. came back:D Because you want that, no? Lot of visits.
So, here we go, just with a sample:

1: http://www.ropromo.net/

There’s a huge ammount of free web directories, just search over the internet for them. And… remember… what’s the target?

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