Firefox v3 launch in november!

Down the road, far far down the road, lies the next release of Mozilla’s Firefox web browser. We all know Firefox as the alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer on Windows systems and the alternative to Apple’s Safari on Macintosh systems.

But is it really far far down the road? November 2007 is the ‘tentative’ date of release for Firefox v3. Do we really care about software that is being released 7 months in the future? Yes! Should we plan for its release now? Yes, we should. Should we budget for its release now? Yes, we should. But how? Good question.

Based on past experiences and looking as far back as just a few months ago to Internet Explorer 7’s full release, we should have experienced first hand the scoping, the manpower and the testing necessary to accommodate a new release of a major viewing web browser.

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Let’s be prepared. Let’s make our web presence deliver a seamless experience to our users in a way that makes upgrades easy to swallow. We, as providers will be happy. Our customers will be happy. And our Return on Internet will be enhanced.

More information on Mozilla’s Firefox product release roadmap can be found at
That section was grabbed from Keith Parnell Blog, a great reference for interesting news.. Go check it:

That’s for the next Firefox enhanced version. Let’s talk a bit about current Firefox version. You can download by following the above image.

I have read from another blog “Mozilla Firefox and NoScript keeps you out from troubles” and cut out the “Why Firefox” Section
Why Firefox ?

* Because it is lite, is a free download, free for use and has a lot of improvements from the security point of view.
* Installing is a snap and you are ready in two minutes.
* You can change the way it looks by using a lot of free themes
* Easy to use. With the default installation you have almost no worries when navigate.
* You can add a lot of extensions which give you more functionality with little cost , or not cost at all in security.You can see what other say about them and choose the ones you trust more.

Those are only a few of the Firefox capabilities and I let you to discover more because I will provide more links at the end of thisarticle.
The article above also talks about a great extension in Firefox: NoScript extension (
Read more about Firefox Security at

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