SitePal virtual employee

Are you looking for a way to make your site visitors spend more time on your website and convert them into customers?

Most website visitors leave the site within a few seconds after they land on it. A [tag]SitePal[/tag] virtual employee is a cost-effective, proven way to grab first time visitors’ attention, engage them to listen to your marketing message and take action.

SitePal’s rich, easy-to-use online editor makes it a breeze for you to create your own virtual employee. Pick a model, customize its look to your liking, add audio messages, and publish it to your website just in minutes!

Start Your 15 Day FREE Trial and create 24/7 sales help on your site!

* Increase conversions

* Engage your visitors to take action

* Provide information on your product

* Collect leads from your visitors

* Answer FAQ’s from your site visitors

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  1. dana says:

    Hey ?? I found this cool SitePal demo. Check it out!

    Virtual Translator – Type anything you want and an avatar will translate it for you and speak in a different language!

    For more demos:

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