Joost review

For first, the thanks go to Michael Rockwell, for inviting me into Joost Beta testing program!
Quoted from his invitation email:
As you may know, we’re working on a project that we think will completely
revolutionise television. Combining the best features of TV with the powerful
social features of the internet, Joost will give TV viewers, advertisers and
content owners more choice, control and creativity than ever before.

We’d like your help in realising this vision. Today, we’re inviting you to take
part in Joost’s beta testing phase and help us put the finishing touches to
Joost. This is still a private, invitation-only beta and the software is still
being rigorously tested – we would greatly value your opinions, and we hope
you’ll participate actively by giving us your feedback.

(Cheer time)Yeee, finally i got my own joost beta testing account and saw the first full movie! Hmm… what to say about it? It’s an awesome tv online, using a great player for that.
Here’s a screenshot, when i was looking in the Channel Catalog to pick a video:
I’ll come in the next days with more details about it. For now i can tell you that the joost beta version ROCKS!.
It’s a lot like TV but on a computer, thousands of channels…,also it come with customizable sidebars, that include clock, live chat, even RSS Feeds!
Ok, what’s bad? You can’t use it if you don’t have a minimal bandwidth of 512kb/s… the streaming video will eat your all traffic.
Another tip: When you don’t use it, close it from the bottom right area, or else it will continue using communication and using your traffic “space”:)
If you’re using it, share your opinion or links.
Perhaps i will open Joost Contests for giving sharing invitations that i will get from Joost.. who know? You tell me:)

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  1. Tony Hotson says:

    Would it be possible to have a JOOST invite please
    Many Many Thanks……

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