Nightly thoughts

i just read an interesting article , and here’s my own thoughts over it… It’s night and i can’t sleep. My tooth pain… again:(

The title say all… “Google preparing to police web – Another sheriff in Town ?”
My question it’s that : Why google want to enter also in the privacy section? Initially, it was planned to be a free service for all people… and now…?:)
Google seems to take action on every section of the internet.
Commercial, private info, securing (in their own opinion) the internet. But… internet was started in the “Free” like spirit.

There’s a lot to discuss…
My personal opinion it’s that Google tries to enter in every action domain he can. Remember, not a long time ago they bought a lot of space close to energy… cheap energy for their servers. But… why? what’s their plan? Global coverage. Psychical and Spiritual. They will give the information you will search for(or you’re already searching. Hehe).

And… remember, where they start from? a little garage:)

Their plan it’s obvious: get all of the internet information supplied by people. Information means POWER, no? And Google it’s a strong one in that domain. They can even watch you:) Google earth and google map it’s one of the people flavored tools, no?

I remember something, that was happening on the first of may (labor day), on a romanian national tv post (live):
A reporter asked somebody why he put so many electrical equipment in the open sky (was cloudy day), he don’t fear about rain?
The answer was so direct and relevant: I’ve google-it all meteo services and they said there will be no rain. So we do that way.
Consider that. We’re getting dependent on the google services. Exactly what they want. The power of information…
Go take a look of what they offer today:)

Uh, enough… one more smoke and a little pill and i try to sleep. Tomorrow, working again:)
PS: will be nice to see your own opinion here:)
PPS: i’m also addicted to google facilities:P

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