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Hei, just want to present you something great: OpenID feature for your blog. My website’s already enabled to use that one, and i can tell you that it’s a great tool! To have your login by using a web url. A legitimate and easy to use feature. Lot of websites already have such “things”, and i name only one for now: ma.gnolia. Search about openid enabled websites and you’ll get the feeling. Watch numbers on the right;))

Now, something quick about what’s that:

To login to an OpenID-enabled website (even one you’ve never been to before), just type your OpenID URI. The website will then redirect you to your OpenID Provider to login using whatever credentials it requires. Once authenticated, your OpenID provider will send you back to the website with the necessary credentials to log you in. By using Strong Authentication where needed, the OpenID Framework can be used for all types of transactions, both extending the use of pure single-sign-on as well as the sensitivity of data shared.

The OpenID for WordPress plug-in allows you to OpenID-enable your blog by embedding two LINK headers for auto-discovery. Inspiration for this plug-in comes from a somewhat recent post from Sam Ruby. More about OpenID in his words:

If you have an OpenID identity and a blog, then follow these instructions. If you don??t have an OpenID identity, you can get one for free at MyOpenID. Here??s mine.

Given such an identity, copy the following into the head section of your weblog, adjusting the two URIs as appropriate:

My comment: If you have set that in your blog header section, you can use YOUR OWN host to identify you! (as i’m already doing, using as openId login key)

That??s pretty much it. What this says is that the web page in question is owned by the owner of and furthermore may be used to verify ownership of

By claiming your blog or homepage in this fashion, you can then use your URI (i.e., the URI of your blog or homepage) as your identity. Having this level of indirection is a good thing. If you ever become dissatisfied with your identity provider for whatever reason, you can easily and transparently switch providers.

This plug-in saves you from having to edit WordPress templates. Just head to the OpenID options subpanel and enter in your OpenID server and your OpenID (called the ??delegate?). Simple, eh?



  1. Unzip the zipfile
  2. Upload the openid folder containing all source files to your plug-ins folder, usually ??wp-content/plugins/?? ?? ensure that the folder is named ??openid?? (not, ??openid-wordpress??, for example)
  3. Login as an administrator and activate the plug-in via the Plugins menu
  4. Enter your OpenID and an OpenID server via the OpenID submenu of the Options menu.
  5. Voila! Your blog is now OpenID-enabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I get an OpenID?

    A bunch of places, really, but folks seem to like just fine.

  • What is this OpenID stuff?

    Go at for some answers.


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