Joost Invitation

Hi people, i’m glad to tell you that the joost experience it’s growing day by day. And i enjoy every minute of.
Today i got some more invitations, and i want to share with you. So, you just have to send me PM or comment right here, to get your own beta from Joost.
I expect to receive more in the very near future. So, if you are interested in trying out this innovative, new Internet TV tool, do what you have to do:)
For the first shoot, I have 10 (yes, TEN) invitations for every day! And there’s lot of, per total:).
Don’t waste your time. The invitation thread will remain open for more people, so …;)

Happy Joosting!

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18 Responses to Joost Invitation

  1. Matt L. says:

    I’d love an invite if possible. matthew [dotted mark] lomonaco [at] gmail [dotted mark] com

  2. Maxi says:

    Me too. Thank you. Gracias.
    maximorralez [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] ar

  3. admin says:

    We already have 2 invitations on the way:)
    Let’s see, who’s next?

  4. mark says:

    Could you please send an invite? thanks

  5. Lucas says:

    I would like to have one of your invitation for Joost.

  6. Robert says:

    I want a Joost Invite! Thanks

  7. admin says:

    invitations sent. There’s many left:). Come and get them.

  8. Johnathan says:

    I am desperately looking for a Joost invite! Please help me. Thanks a lot.

  9. Suman says:


    I heard a lot about joost watchin TV in internet and i really want to use this so please send me an invitation if you have.

    Thank you.


  10. Suman says:


    I am very eager to have a joost invite.

    Thank you.

  11. Lejer says:

    Granted to all. And there’s more. Available. For you.

  12. Laurent Liston says:

    Hello !

    It would very nice from you to send me an invitation to Joost.

    I want my friends to know what is Joost experience.

    Thanks a lot !

  13. TJ Sethi says:

    You are doing a tremendous job, keep it going. Could you please send me an invite to Joost?

    Thank you very much,


  14. Fernando says:

    Hello, I would very much like to try joost, please send me an invitation.


  15. Lejer says:

    3 more granted:)
    And still new ones come;)

  16. Per A says:

    Hello there!
    I´ve heard about this new Joost thing and I am really curious. Could you send me an invitation please? I would be very grateful!.
    Thank you in advance!

  17. Rajesh Warrier says:

    Hi, I would appreciate if you can send me an invite. Thanks and cheers !

  18. Lejer says:

    granted for all, now free offer closed. I think i’ll open a new thread, soon:)

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