Google and Dmoz

What a surprise.. Google and Dmoz together 🙂
Just crawled a bit around internet and i found that Surprised, i took a look for submission link. And there was the big surprise… the links are directly linked to Dmoz.

There’s the links: or
They are growing up, as they had connected with the biggest directory in the world, no?
Hmm – i said – another great mark on google side. What’s next?

Another reseach, using the same google:) shows me another forum discution, from 2006. Worth to read it, right here.

So far, no one said directly that: Google took Dmoz, or Google affiliates with Dmoz.
People just complains in many places that their directories seems to fail in ranks, compared to another rankings, as yahoo, or another search engines:)

It will be interesting to see your point of view.

Let spare our opinions on that.
Your comments are welcome.

Ei, just looked at Google Products and got another smile. They published even a Web Accelerator. Nice. I’m installing it right now:) And btw, there’s few NEW products there: Notebook, YouTube, even a Patent Search (all US patents)

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    So if I want to bookmark this post do I have to join Google Bookmarks?

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