How to import Yahoo/Gmail/Hotmail Addresses

Looking for best Curl example code in the internet articles get me that one, and i share with you. I’ve seen lot of commercial addons for that, but nothing free. There’s a downloadable book called PHP/Curl Book (wrotted by Muhammad Imran Khalid) that explain the best way of using Curl for regular usage.
Quoted from the autor: “We try our best to explain them by Real Life Examples and Professional Real Time Applications developed in PHP/CURL. This book help a lot for beginners students and PHP professional to write Commercial Applications by using PHP/CURL and our online forum support.”
Check his own website:

What you can see in the mentioned book?

1. Examples with live Demo.
2. Step by Step guide to each code.
3. Real life PHP CURL Open Source codes.
4. Header Tracking Solutions.
5. Credit Card Processing Solutions.
6. XML Processing Solutions.
7. Ebay Login Script.
8. Write online web Price Compare sites.
9. Calculate realtime FedEx/UPS Shipping Charges.
10. Yahoo Email login and download Address Book.
11. Hotmail Email login and download Contacts List.
12. Gmail Email login and download Contacts List.
13. PayPal Login and download Transaction History.

Here’s some examples provided (courtesy to
Fill user name, password and Import address book. It use a captcha code to ensure your privacy.

Sharing it’s always a great thing:)

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