How to increase your ranking

One of the best articles related on that subject found, named Excess pages polluting your website that i’ve read few minutes ago put me in question…
Having many pages,and have weak ranking? How come?
But the owner it’s right. A simple page ranking formula shows that all pages in your website share the same rank… and that means if you have a lot, each page have a WEAK value. Hmm… that’s not good, if you want to get high in the search engine.
I like something that he said, in the top of his article: “Many, many folks who talk about SEO love to parrot the old line, ??Content is King?. “. Hehe, seems that’s true… but… they have right? Neah. Quality and not quantity open your doors in the search engine, and their referrals.
His own experiment it’s remarkable. And i’m glad that it was a success. After hiding a lot of forum (yeah, we talk about forums, one of the greatest spam;) ) posts , old, not visited, etc etc… in few weeks… but let’s quote him again “Within two weeks, search engine referrals were up 7,000 per day.“. Eh? What do you think about that?:)
For me, it’s a great lesson. And something to remember. Use quality input for your own benefit, and monitor your website, watch their pulse.
He’s right, give to the people, what’s for the people, and check the market. That way we’ll gain success and benefit:)
Btw, check his blogroll. There’s also a LOT of great articles.
Enjoy the full article right Here

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