30 professional gallery scripts reviewed

One of the best article related on the gallery scripts that you can find over the Internet, thanks to Smashing Magazine .
In other words, that article (link below) it’s a golden mine for webmasters that looks for professional scripts for galleries.
Family photos, vacation snapshots or creative artistic works: whatever images you have to present, you can present them in a variety of ways. On a big screen, in slide shows or in a thumbnails gallery. However, to convey the message of presented data effectively, it??s important to offer it in an attractive and intuitive way. Furthermore, the presentation itself can make images more valuable and simplify the browsing through hundreds of slides.

There are literally hundreds of solutions for web-based galleries out there. They??ve selected 30 scripts of impressive slideshows, lightboxes and galleries you can use for effective presentations of your images. Most of them don??t have any technical requirements, so you can use them right away.

Read full article to know some of the best used galleries and other tricks.

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