Wall Street Journal: Dating site owner keeps it simple, but earns big

Twenty-eight-year-old Canadian Markus Frind, owner and the only employee of PlentyOfFish.com, has a winner on his hands with his self-designed, simple free online dating site. With 1.2 million active members, the site is one of the busiest dating sites on the Internet

This week The Wall Street Journal featured an article on his site. ??A few months back, he posted on his blog a picture of a check from Google for nearly $1 million for a two-month period. Google confirmed the check was for real.? (worth noting that was in CAD.) Markus now reports PlentyofFish is bringing in between $5-$10 million per year.

Perhaps some will doubt the new claims. For those with both feet in the online dating industry right now, these numbers might not only be reasonable but sound a little low.

Markus currently blogs ??The Paradigm Shift.? If you missed it the first time, there is an interview from last year right here.

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