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As i promised below, changing my wordpress template should be celebrate with a great article. And here it is:
Cheat sheets for you.
What’s that? A simple A4 page, that contains all (or almost all) important properties for various programmings.
So, here we go: There’s a list of cheat sheets for HTML, Regexp, Microformat, World of Warcraft:), Ruby on Rails, ASP/VBScript, HTML Entities, Javascript, Mysql, mod_rewrite, CSS, PHP, RGB colours!
All bundled in a package by me, and downloaded from ILoveJackDaniels.
Thanks Dave Child for that great collection!
Btw, go and check his resource category, really worth to read it.
All working sheets files

Updated: A new file was added into sheets archive: Sql Sheet file (Thanks!)

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2 Responses to Web developer Cheat sheets

  1. Dave Child says:

    There’s a new one – SQL Server – to add to the file 🙂

  2. Lejer says:

    Thanks!! Added into archive:)

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