Pligg, another digg?

The Internet it’s full of surprises. Today i discovered another one. And It’s called Pligg. So i decided to give a short review.
What’s That Pligg? In a short way of saying, it’s a CMS (content management system) based to host directories, articles, and give ratings (vote) for that itema.
What’s so interesting on it? it’s a fancy alternative to Digg, and have a great coder community in the back. Pligg forum seems to be pretty active. Lot of suggestion for Pligg development, features, lot of tips and people eager to have their own digg system…
So… give a try. For me, they sound so good, and i think, in time, i might jump in the development. Who know?

Ah, forgot something. Pligg is already on version 9.5 beta.
I installed for myself, and … i must say that’s a hot tool.
Why? It allow members to have their own adsenses (earning cash for reading their own article!)
It is a great tool to import your articles straight from Digg!
And.. many more.
If you wanna test it, just register at and set your profile and articles.
You’ll surely enjoy!

There’s 3 links that worth for you to take a look: ( the testing and demo server, with live content, btw).
The important part it’s that: Sourceforge. Yes… they offer the source and also eager to get help from sugarforge community.

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3 Responses to Pligg, another digg?

  1. Ron S says:

    If only Pligg had a better front-end development system – the interface would look so much more aesthetic. Not everyone loves the orange-brown color scheme.

  2. Lejer says:

    Totally agree:) I am looking to enhance the template with more “alive” colours:)
    And it’s pretty simple.
    A pencil drawing, some css changes, and you’ll get everything you need.
    But that will be tomorrow:)
    enough study for today. What i can say it’s that it’s a promising tool!

  3. govokinolij says:

    Hi all!

    Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much!


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