Google bought PeakStream

HOT purchase by Google: PeakStream. Surprising or not, their main site it’s already unavailable. Google said on Tuesday (5 june) that it has acquired PeakStream, a startup that helps businesses develop software for superfast computer chips.
PeakStreamā??s tools are geared toward high-speed multi-core processors, including graphics processor units. Previously known for powering video game software, GPUs are now considered an attractive component for supercomputing systems.

The deal, first reported by The Register, could herald a shift by Google away from the standard x86 chips that are built by Intel and Advanced Micro Devices, and are featured in most personal computers. The search giant has relied on x86 technology to build the vast array of web servers that power its sites and services, but the PeakStream acquisition suggests that Google, like some other companies, may be aiming to adopt superfast GPU chips to perform more common number-crunching tasks.

ā??Multi-core programming is hard,ā? said David Wu, analyst with Global Crown Capital. ā??Itā??s new stuff. Therefore there are not a lot peopleā? providing technology that PeakStream has developed.

Financial terms were not disclosed. Redwood City, California-based PeakStream has received $17 million in funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Sequoia Capital, and Foundation Capital.
At a symposium in March in San Jose, California, PeakStream founder and CTO Matthew Papakipos reportedly said that the company also seeks to extend beyond the high-performance computing market into gaming, image processing, and other consumer markets.

Meanwhile, search leader Google has amassed and must store a large and complex collection of data. It must also continuously catalogue the Internet and serve an exploding audience of worldwide consumers. PeakStreamā??s platform could allow faster processing of this information and fit with both PeakStreamā??s ambitions in both supercomputing as well as consumer markets.

I’ve managed to get from google search some info about PeakStream, for your pleasure.

The PeakStream Platform is the first commercially available software application platform that makes it easy to program new high performance, multi-core and parallel processors, and convert them into radically powerful computing engines for computationally intense applications. Available in Linux and Windows, the PeakStream Platform is offered in two product editions – a Workstation Edition licensed for individual use in a desktop environment, and a Server Edition licensed for multi-user access in a “computing cluster” environment.

The PeakStream Advantage
* Available in Linux and Windows
* Converts next-generation processors into powerful computing engines
* Cuts development time by up to 90%
* Uses familiar C, C++ and Matlab conventions
* Integrates with existing developer tools such as gcc, gdb, and Intel compilers
* Works on current and future processors
* Maximizes existing IT infrastructure

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