Flickr Goes Multi-lingual

The momment has come, more and more webs (and hot ones) starts to enable multilanguage content for them.
For now, it’s flickr. Yesterday, Google partnership with Sina for China interaction..
But now…

Today Flickr is launching in seven additional languages, including French, German, and the Hong Kong dialect of Chinese. I spoke with Flickr CEO and co-founder, Stewart Butterfield, about the news – and also found out the meaning behind the “loves you” label currently on Flickr’s logo! More on that below.

Flickr now has 525 million photos and Stewart told me that about 55% of Flickr users already reside in non-US countries. They’re hoping to increase that with the internationalization being announced today. Currently 45% of Flickr users are from the US. UK is next, followed by Canada, then Germany – and others such as Australia and Spain make up the top 10. Curiously, this is a very similar country breakdown to Read/WriteWeb’s user base – where 50% come from the US, around 7% from the UK and so on. It could be that this is the ‘early adopter’ spread for web technology!

Read the full article, Written by Richard MacManus

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