Joost versus Babelgum Invites

Babelgum, an Internet TV competitor to Joost, is in limited beta and has started to send out invites. You may’ve seen them already on other sites, but if you haven’t got an invite yet then click here to go to the Babelgum signup page or , download the client and subscribe straight from it:)

Note: the app is Windows only.

last100 has covered both Joost and BabelGum recently. The last100 review of Babelgum explained that it is a new peer-to-peer online video service founded by Italian billionaire Silvio Scaglia. Like Joost, it aims to combine the “lean-back experience” of television with the interactivity of the web. Check it out and let us know what you think.

If you still need Joost Invites, post right here. There’s also a lot of them free for you:)

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  1. david galipeau says:

    Hi – working for the UN and would like to look at joost – possible to send an invite?



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