The 3D Real/Virtual World

How long will it be until we can stroll through the streets in a virtual world that is identical to our own? Given the state of a number of technologies, not very long. Over the last couple of years we‚??ve seen Microsoft Street Side and Virtual Earth as well as similar efforts from Google. But different technologies are now being deployed that are even more interesting that the results achieved from large companies taking and processing massive numbers of photos into now-standard 3D views.

Two standouts are Microsoft‚??s Photosynth Project and newcomer Everyscape, which Brady Forest wrote about today on O‚??Reilly Radar.

Read full article here, by Michael Arrington

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  1. Denver says:

    Online mapping gets interesting these days. Aside from the one mentioned, there is another startup called which is also into mapping technology. It looks like Google’s competitors in the mapping arena are sprouting.

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