Digg Versus Facebook

According to recent Compete data, digg has overtaken Facebook in number of unique visitors and has grown 1400% in one year. Compete’s May 2007 data states that digg had 22.6 Million unique visitors, while Facebook had 20.2 Million. Facebook still has many more page views, 11 Billion to digg’s 250 Million – which says that Facebook’s site is far ‘stickier’. But the unique visitors stat is significant, as it suggests that more people visit digg than Facebook.
Read full article written by Richard MacManus from here, it really worth it.

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  1. Daniela says:

    Digg might get the unique, one time, curiousity visitor but they obviously don’t stay and become members, the same way Facebook does. Visit Digg today and you will notice 2 blogs telling you of their downtime and hassles in the last week. This doesn’t encourage anyone to join does it?

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