RTC2014 – Romanian Testing conference – Cluj – initial

REEA RTC2014So… what’s all about RTC2014?
Based on the numbers out there in the virtual space, 400 attendees, 22 speakers and 9 countries been there.
Location: Cluj Napoca, 15-16 May 2014 – Hotel Grand.
Site: http://www.romaniatesting.ro/
What:A event for testers, split in two days, first day for a bundle of conferences, and the second day for a workshop.
Reea was a Gold Sponsor to this event.

So, from the RTC2014 day One my picks had been:
Google Hacking Database – skype conference KIRAN KARNAD ( www.isoc.my/profile/wthack/ )
Automate the process, deliver quality – ADY BELEANU
Experiences with TMMI: Facts and figures – JAN JAAP CANNEGIETER
– After lunch – skipped conference as we been talking and debating the previous conferences. Missed Continous Integration for Mobile test automation ( “booked” me there… )
Myths of Exploratory Testing – LUIS FRAILE ( www.lfraile.net )
Testing on the Move, Mobile testing – BARIS SARIALIOGLU (www.barissarialioglu.com)
There been a lot of conferences, to pick from. And i really liked the ones i picked 😀 Great presentation, got some tips and things to chew for later 🙂
Thanks goes to the organisators, to the speakers, by the way, their materials will be soon posted to the community page, so at least we can pick some knowdledge from there.

For the second day, i jumped on “Mobile apps test automation” workshop, presented by Emil Simeonov and Georgi Hristov.
Another workshop that i was considering to be a part of was the one having the security as the main theme. But we got cover there, by a colleague 🙂

The Next Article about RTC2014 will come with some insight and feedback about conferences i been a part of and the workshop.

Till then… have a good day!

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